For simply recharging your batteries during a yoga session or renewing your commitment to ancestral practices, many are the reasons that attract every year more and more followers to this community where WELLNESS, SERENITY and SHARING are the key words.

Following these fundamental precepts, SENSEÏ proposes, for a weekend, Wellness and Healing activities tailored to the needs of all, thanks to professionals in the sector.

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Japanese term designating
"The one who was there before me, who is the guarantor of the knowledge and the experience of a technique or a know-how",
or more condensed
"Master who teaches a student"

PATCHWORK EXPERIENCESAurore sunrise - Cacao ceremony & Danse extatique29695171_1489349421192980_8297682973908812023_n.jpg
PATCHWORK EXPERIENCESAurore sunrise - Cacao ceremony & Danse extatique38013959_2125944141061942_847859396435247104_n.jpg
PATCHWORK EXPERIENCESThierry Vilette - MeditationIMG_8238.JPG